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Best Easter Gift Ideas Australia – The Healthy Option

Now, you may think Easter gifts are just for kids, however adults can very much get into the Easter spirit too. While Easter is not as famous for gift-giving as Christmas, it doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your family and friends with Easter gifts. Irrespective of how you choose to celebrate this fun filled occasion – the good old Easter egg hunt or a family lunch filled with yummy food and treats – we have a great range on Easter gift hampers ready to go for you to present to your loved ones. And for some reason you can’t meet them this year, we’ll deliver these to their door no matter where they are in Australia.

For the ones with a sweet tooth, Easter is a best time of the year. It’s that one occasion you can eat loads of chocolate without feeling much guilty. BUT, why not use this opportunity to look at the healthy option. Whilst kids chow down on their yummy treats, adults can still get into the festive spirit by enjoying a hamper full of Organic chocolates and other treats including Organic wine. They also come in Vegan and Gluten Free options so everyone can have an egg-cellent Easter!

This year we’ve partnered with Organic Times to bring you delicious Easter chocolates. Organic Times Easter eggs and bunnies are certified organic products made in Australia with no use of palm-oil & GMO, they also follow fair-trade and sustainable & ethical practices. Other brands that we include in our Easter hampers such as Loving Earth, Table of Plenty, Dr. Superfoods, etc are similar in nature.  


If you think Easter eggs are outdated (that’s completely normal), there are other healthy hamper options to enjoy or gift to your loved ones such as Chocolatier’s Collection, Vegan Delight and Gluten Free Galore hampers. If you want some quality healthy hampers that lasts a bit longer than chocolate, then why not consider our Healthy Body hamper range. Life can get so busy that it can often leave us with no time to relax and treat ourselves, so these body and beauty hampers are perfect specially for the ladies.

The team at Healthy Belly have been working hard to create the ultimate Easter gift hampers packed full of healthy treats to make your stomach happy and keep your body healthy! Our gift ideas featuring chocolate, savoury snacks and wine will make this Easter 2021 a holiday that you, your family, and your friends will remember.

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